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By Express press service

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Ayush stream doctors in the state who are completely left out in the Kerala Public Health Ordinance 2021, are making a last minute effort to make the bill reach a wider spectrum of health professionals.

According to them, the bill that limits all authority at state and district levels to practitioners of modern medicine should act as a barrier to the growth of Ayush systems. Doctors and the management association of Ayush Hospital began to put pressure on the deputies who were members of the select committee. of the assembly examining the bill.

The final bill should soon be submitted to the assembly. Ayush streams are feeling the heat at a time when the government is focusing on tackling non-communicable diseases and emerging infectious diseases in the state.

General Education Minister V Sivankutty expressed his solidarity with the Ayush cause at a seminar organized by the Ayurveda Hospital Management Association to discuss the issue on Sunday. He said the right of patients to choose the method of treatment should be protected and the role of Ayush should be considered in public health.

“The proposed bill is centered on modern medicine and authority is vested in the director of health services at the top to the health inspector at the periphery. The agenda is to set aside other systems of medicine,” said Raju Thomas, former president of Ayurveda Medical Association of India.


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