Biden administration asks Supreme Court to uphold health law


WASHINGTON: The Biden administration has told the Supreme Court it believes the entirety of the affordable care law should be respected, overturning the Trump administration’s position in a key case pending before judges.

The Justice Department filed a letter Wednesday informing the court that the United States no longer supports the findings of the previously filed brief. The healthcare case was argued a week after the November election.

This is at least the third case in which the new administration changes its position at the Supreme Court. The other two are cases concerning pressure from President Donald Trump to build parts of the US-Mexico border wall and a Trump policy forcing asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for their hearings.

The Trump administration has called on judges to repeal the entire Obama-era health law under which some 23 million people have health insurance and millions more have health problems pre-existing ones are protected against discrimination.

The fight is whether a 2017 change in a provision of the law known as the individual mandate made it unconstitutional. Congress eliminated the penalty for not having health insurance.

The Trump administration has supported the view of Texas and other Republican-led states that if such a large part of the law is invalid, the whole law should fall with it.

In Wednesday’s letter, the Justice Department says the now toothless tenure remains constitutional, but even if the court decides otherwise, the rest of the law should be left out.

That outcome, rather than removing the entire law, seemed likely based on questions and comments from judges in November.

Biden has called for strengthening the law and he has already reopened registrations for people who may have lost their jobs and the health insurance that goes with them due to the coronavirus pandemic. He was vice president when the law was enacted in 2010.

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