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There are many ways for a person to serve their community, from service to volunteer work to performing an office. When it comes to public health, the door widens a bit and the range of possibilities widens. Here is a small list of different jobs to consider if you are considering working for your local community.

water treatment plant

Working for a water treatment facility can include a variety of functions essential to ensuring the health and well-being of the public through its water supply. Certified reflux testers play a vital role in this industry. These officials monitor and test for any contaminants in a water supply. Before they can perform the duties of their role, they must complete an extensive training program and certification process.

Disease detectives

An epidemiologist, or disease detective, studies and tracks public health through disease. These healthcare professionals conduct extensive research and analysis processes to identify and prevent health problems and communicable risks. In addition to communicable diseases, they examine and study health trends related to mental health, chemical exposures, and potential patterns of recurrent injury.

Social work

A social worker can care for the mental and physical health of an entire community. Not only can they help with minor guardianship, but also with the well-being of an individual. A mental health crisis is a public health crisis. These unique professionals undergo extensive training programs to understand many areas of interest, including health policy, parenting skills, mental wellness, and health emergencies.

health inspector

Just as a member of a water treatment facility inspects the vitality of a water supply, a health inspector ensures that all public places meet codes and regulations for the safety of all tenants. Some places a health inspector may examine are restaurants, daycares, tattoo parlors, and public swimming pools. These organizations must comply with disinfection efforts, and a health inspector enforces these efforts.

These individuals can collect samples, enforce code violations, and maintain vital records of all public areas and their findings. The data collected is usable in the future and can help predict global public health trends and see their use at future dates.

Various jobs in a community focus on one specific thing: the safety and well-being of an entire group of people. Public health is needed for all systems and functional groups. Without the fulfillment of these vital roles, communities would suffer.


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