Doctors in the public health system vote “YES” for a new salary agreement


A poll of more than 4,500 eligible SA’s salaried medical officers of health enabled 90 percent of employees to vote in favor of the deal.

Treasurer Rob Lucas welcomed the outcome, and it once again demonstrates the continued investment of the Marshall Liberal government in the public health workforce and the state’s broader health care system.

“We are delighted that our hard-working public health care physicians and physicians voted overwhelmingly in favor of the government’s corporate deal offer, which provides for exceptionally fair salary increases and terms of employment. and reasonable, ”Lucas said.

“Throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, our salaried physicians and physicians, as well as all frontline staff, have stepped up to ensure the safety and health of Southern Australians.

“These salaried physicians and medical advisers have been at the forefront of our response to COVID-19 and deserve our thanks for their tireless work, often under difficult circumstances.

“This agreement is the culmination of respectful negotiations between all parties and will ensure that SA is well placed to continue our strong recovery from the global pandemic. “

The proposed new three-year agreement provides for annual salary increases of 1.5 percent and an increase in minimum contract terms for medical interns to three years.


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