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In recent times we have witnessed a tremendous increase in the growth of consumerism in health care where the services provided by a doctor which were previously considered equal to God, but these services are compared to commodities.

There has been a 400% increase in medical negligence cases in the courts and in such scenarios, many doctors who are unaware of the position of the law on various aspects find themselves lost. At the same time, practitioners increasingly need to be aware of ethical clinical practices that may not be a legal requirement but are absolutely necessary to maintain the sanctity of the medical profession.

So let’s talk a bit more about the book. As mentioned earlier, he talks about health law and ethics. It has a foreword written by Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty, who is the president of Narayana Health. It talks about the changing status of medical professionals who were once healers from a noble profession to today’s different scenario where they are even assaulted. The main reason, he explains, is the lack of awareness and understanding of the rights of healthcare workers in the eyes of the law.

The book has 20 chapters written by expert lawyers and physicians on various aspects of medical law and ethics. Some of the chapters include the law of medical negligence, the medical profession and its regulation. Law of consent and medical treatment, end-of-life care the legal framework, law of organ transplantation and many other similar topics.

Today we have with us Dr. Alexander Thomas, President of the Association of Indian Healthcare Providers, Founder and Patron of the Association of National Board of Accredited Institutions and Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations. Dr. Thomas has effected far-reaching political changes in the health care landscape, both nationally and at the state level. He played a crucial role in the Indian Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, mandating NABH entry level accreditation for hospital incorporation, reaching over 33,000 hospitals nationwide .

We welcome you to the medical dialogues sir.

1. So sir, if you can tell us about your book, what is the context?

2. How do you think this book will be useful to young practitioners as they enter the next stage of their career?

3. So the first part of the book deals with health and the law – what parameters should one be aware of?

4. There is a section on the doctor-patient relationship – what do you have to say about that?


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