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Mitchell Hamline’s Health Law Program is Nationally Ranked

Whether you are a JD student or a healthcare professional, our Institute of Health Law provides you with an in-depth understanding and real-life experience through specialized courses, educational certificates, moot competitions and experiential learning opportunities.

The institute bridges the gap between scholarship and policy in health law through engagement, collaboration and innovation. It is a hub for the health law community, providing programs, training, educational opportunities, events and symposia for law students, lawyers, health practitioners and business professionals. .

Certificates, online and on campus, expand your expertise in health law

The Health Law Institute offers certificates that allow you to focus your legal education and gain legal knowledge and skills that will benefit you as a lawyer, healthcare professional, or business professional.

Faculty and advisory board help advance the Institute in the healthcare industry

Full-time and adjunct members of our Institute of Health Law are committed to helping our students achieve their professional goals and advance sound and progressive health laws and policies that reflect the principles of fairness, inclusion and social justice. Our advisory board, comprised of diverse industry professionals, provides us with invaluable perspective on issues and challenges related to the practice of health law and the health care needs of our community.

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