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Iredell Health System is pleased to welcome ET Cummings as its new Director of Human Resources.

Cummings has over 15 years of progressive and professional experience in human resources (HR), working in various industries. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Southern University and earned his master’s degree in human resource management from Walden University.

It was while working in a small manufacturing company that he found his passion for HR.

“I love people and I love working with them, so my passion grew, and I thought about it for a while and knew HR would be my career of choice,” he said. declared.

Although his career took him in many directions, he continued to find his way back to HR. As Director of Human Resources, Cummings will lead the human resources department and manage employment, from recruitment and training to planning and development.

He’s eager to start his new role at Iredell, and it was the health system’s mission, Inspire Wellbeing – Together, that drew him there.

“Many organizations haven’t invested in what ‘wellness’ looks like for employees who show up to work every day and have so much going on in life. For employees to get to work and demonstrate Iredell’s mission, vision and values, we need to be involved and ensure their well-being is most important,” Cummings said.

In addition to ensuring the well-being of Iredell’s employees, he is delighted to serve people in the healthcare system, improving their working lives and stimulating their growth.

“I hope to automate many of the processes in place, ensure we embrace technology, strategize with leadership on how to keep our workforce engaged and excited to be part of the Iredell family , and improve other systems to ensure we stay ahead of our competition and keep our employees motivated,” he said.

Cummings is originally from Georgia but moved to North Carolina a few years ago. He enjoys spending time with his wife and three sons aged 2, 8 and 9. He also likes to travel, read, garden and learn new things.

“I’m excited to join Iredell and bring my years of experience to help improve the organization’s processes and also be an advocate for Mr. Green and his leadership team on how we can improve our strategy. and be an employer of choice,” Cummings said.


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