Lilian’s story: treating infections at home


In September 2021, Lilian Cheah, who writes professionally under the pen name Lilian Duval, sought the services of Valley Home Care for treatment of a persistent leg infection.

Lilian, who is located in Ridgewood, had previously been a patient at Valley Hospital and Valley Home Care for hospitalization and treatment for a broken femur years before, so she chose Valley to get her back to her best.

Valley Home Care IV nurse Christina Murphy oversaw Lilian’s six weeks of care. During this time, Christina provided Lilian with all the materials and equipment needed to teach her how to self-administer the IV antibiotics she was prescribed. She took the time to make sure Lilian understood everything she needed to know to master the process, and even came back the next day after the first home visit to check on her.

“Christina is the most caring and caring nurse I have ever met,” said Lilian. “She could really write the book and set the agenda of what it means to be a nurse.”

Rosemarie Ranuro, Director of Clinical Services at Valley, highlighted the excellent, compassionate care Christina provides to her patients. “I’ve seen Christina in action and I’m proud to work with such a kind professional who teaches patients to be independent,” she said.

Lilian added that being patient isn’t easy, especially when you’d much rather be able to go about your business as usual than being on medication. “With nurses like Christina, a nurse who loves her patients because she loves her profession, you know you are in good hands, safe hands, with someone who cares for you as if you were her friend. or a parent,” she said.

lilianaAccording to Christina, it is a pleasure to take care of her patients. “We provide our patients with detailed information about their disease process, and educate, train, and support them to administer appropriate aseptic self-infusions with a personal touch during their most difficult times.”

Today, Lilian is doing very well. Thanks to Christina, she successfully completed her intravenous antibiotic therapy. “Patients are always the primary concern for nurses who come to the patient’s home,” she said.


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