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MORGANTOWN — My Health System roams the roads of West Virginia.

On Monday, the Morgantown-based health system unveiled the Ron and Stephanie Stovash Mobile Nursing Lab in partnership with West Virginia Junior College.

The mobile simulation lab will serve as a training ground for nursing students of all experience levels – those entering the field for the first time and those choosing to advance their careers through higher education.

“Very few of WV’s healthcare systems have this level of advanced simulation technology, and none currently offer this technology on a mobile platform,” said WVJC CEO Chad Callen. . “My Health System, in collaboration with West Virginia Junior College, Be the First. By making simulation mobile, we can expand access to healthcare facilities more than ever before. And the result of that is better quality of care for the communities of North Central WV.”

The Mobile Simulation Center will augment training for West Virginia Junior College nursing students and serve as a training tool for practicing nurses and other healthcare professionals within the Mon Health System.

The mobile training lab is funded by an undisclosed donation from Ron and Stephanie Stovash, The Health Plan and Hazel Ruby McQuain Trust.

The 38-foot Ron and Stephanie Stovash mobile simulation center on wheels is customized with two simulation hospital rooms, a central control room, high-fidelity simulation mannequins (adult, obstetrics and pediatrics), recording technology and video viewing and other equipment and supplies needed for effective job training.

Training participants outside the lab can engage and learn from live simulations without disrupting the learning taking place inside the mobile lab using an outside monitor.

“This mobile simulation center is an incredible resource with many possibilities. This center allows us to deploy consistent technology across all of our Mon Health sites and affiliates as well as WVJC educational sites to bring consistency in patient-side care,” said David Goldberg, President and CEO of Mon Health. Health. “We are currently working with WVJC to conceptualize how far we could expand its scope of use.”

Simulation is increasingly being used to train nurses and other healthcare professionals, but it is often prohibitively expensive and fixed in one place. Mon Health’s new Mobile Center makes simulation training mobile and expands student access beyond a single location.

For Mon Health, the collaboration will provide access to simulation training for its current staff at NCWV health facilities. For junior college, the partnership adds a third mobile nursing lab, expanding its online hybrid program currently offered statewide.


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