New Health Law Certificate Program Offered at Willamette Law


Willamette Law is pleased to announce a new certificate program in health law now available along with five other strong certificates. Willamette’s certificate programs emphasize the unique and comprehensive training that participants take in certain legal areas.

The Certificate in Health Law provides students with a rigorous and comprehensive study of the laws, rules, and regulations affecting the health care industry, both state and federal. Willamette Law has put more emphasis on health law this year as part of her Signature Strengths initiative.

“At Willamette Law, academic growth and experiential learning are a critical foundation for student success,” says Dean Brian Gallini. “Expanding our offerings with the Certificate in Health Law, Clinical Law Program and Clerkship Program will help better prepare our students for the daily and ever-changing nature of today’s legal practice. “

Distinguished Professor of Practice Bruce F. Howell, a pioneer in the field of health law, leads the program. He is a licensed healthcare lawyer who has practiced for 45 years.

“The vast field of the healthcare industry offers lawyers enormous opportunities for intellectual growth and leadership positions,” said Howell. “Willamette Law’s Certificate in Health Program provides a unique opportunity for students to pursue their passions in this field. “

Almost all aspects of a person’s life fall under health law. Experts on Willamette’s faculty teach courses designed around current political debates, as well as public and private aspects of health law. A recent course, for example, explored the legal implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. The certificate program will focus on regulatory issues governing the day-to-day structure and functioning of the healthcare industry, as well as administrative law, disability law, medical malpractice, bioethics and biomedical law, employment issues in the health sector and criminal and procedural law. .

To be admitted to the certificate program, a student must have a GPA of 2.50 after completion of the first year (or 30 credits for part-time students). Students can contact Professor Howell for more information.


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