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The American Health Law Association has released its special edition of its Jjournal of health and life sciences law on emerging issues in health equity in the United States: Legal, Legislative and Policy Perspectives. The association strives to advance the public discourse on these issues for the benefit of AHLA members, the public, academics, and policy makers in the legislative and executive branches of government.

Articles deal in depth and in a balanced way with issues related to the broad theme of health equity, such as the disparate negative impact of health policy or research on communities of color; the history and reasons why the American health care system has reached the current state of health inequality; social and environmental justice issues and their impact on health care delivery; and potential legal liability regarding the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The articles also offer actionable and effective strategies for meaningful and positive change in our healthcare system during a time of widespread disruption propelled by racial, social, political, environmental, and economic unrest and inequalities exacerbated by a global pandemic.

To visit to access this special issue, “Emerging Issues in Health Equity in the United States: Legal, Legislative, and Policy Perspectives.”

Copyright 2022, American Health Law Association, Washington, DC. Permission to reprint granted.


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