Opening of a new pediatric therapy center UP Health System


MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WLUC) – At the Marquette County Road Headquarters, the Health System’s new pediatric therapy office opened its doors this week.

All services are now brought together in the same building, from physiotherapy to speech therapy, the different disciplines coexist to adapt to the needs of a child. Physical therapist Addie Sanders says the expansion is beneficial for both patients and employees.

“We have worked with different varieties of children throughout each of our careers and now that we are all in one place, we are able to use each other in our own expertise to provide the best care for every patient,” she says.

The site offers a variety of activities ranging from yoga balls to a small pool hall. Specialized care is provided to younger and older generations at this location. Sanders says this unique interaction could foster growth in young and old.

“With adults and pediatricians being treated in the same area, it’s quite interesting to see the impact infants or children receiving care might have on an adult therapy session, everyone is sort of working towards the same goal,” she said.

The facility caters for a wide variety of diagnoses like autism and cerebral palsy. Occupational therapist Kirsten Matthews says demand is high for these services. This new location provides the care the children might need.

“We are very lucky to be in a new place with all of us together and especially a place that is really designed around children and for children because a lot of families worry about their children and want their children to succeed,” she says. .

Matthews says that if your child needs any type of these services, contact your regular doctor.

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