Pace Implements New Online Health Law and Policy Certificate Program


In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Elisabeth Haub Law School at Pace University has set up a fully virtual program in health law and policy to meet the growing demand for legal training in the healthcare sector. health.

The online program is driven by the growth of the industry and an ever-changing legal, regulatory and financial environment for healthcare professionals.

The Law School has a long history of providing a solid education in health law and policy to lawyers and students enrolled in its JD program, but has just expanded its Advanced Certificate in Health Law and Policy online to accommodate lawyers in exercise seeking flexible training, as well as health care. professionals and administrators who need legal knowledge to adapt to changes in the industry.

As the healthcare industry booms in the state and region, legal and healthcare professionals need a solid understanding of the regulatory and economic environment in which they and their clients operate. . These professionals must be equipped to face the growing challenges of health equity and human rights. They also need to understand how to advise on transaction and compliance issues and how to influence public policy.

This new online certificate builds on the law school’s long-standing expertise in health law and expands access to advanced legal education for working professionals across the region and beyond.

Haub Law designed his Advanced Online Certificate in Health Law and Policy to deepen students’ understanding of the regulatory complexities affecting the U.S. healthcare system through live virtual education and asynchronous activities delivered by its expert faculty. .

Regardless of their legal background, students can enroll in the program part-time and have the option of completing in just one year, benefiting from a fully online course schedule.

Specialized knowledge of health law offers increased opportunities for lawyers and professionals to advance their careers in today’s job market. Our faculty are expert practitioners and researchers with decades of experience as leaders in New York City healthcare organizations. Students will benefit from instruction in small groups from faculty who are at the intersection of rapid changes in the field and who can help students integrate new knowledge into their professions.

The Advanced Certificate Program in Health Law and Policy accepts both lawyers and non-lawyers, including insurance, risk management and compliance professionals, hospital administrators, clinicians and leaders in a wide range of related fields, such as nonprofits and government agencies seeking legal knowledge.

The program will consist of 15 credit hours with four core courses including a skills workshop in healthcare law. Specialty electives include insurance law, attorney accounting, healthcare compliance, elder law, environmental law, nonprofit organizations, and the law-making process.

The healthcare sector represents a huge share of the GDP and there are many opportunities. But our health care system is complicated, involving many different programs like Medicare and Medicaid. The Advanced Certificate Program in Health Law and Policy is unique in the way we focus on how these programs work and how the law works in this area.

Our curriculum brings together public health law with our established and ranked # 1 environmental law curriculum and our growing new food law curriculum, combining a cutting-edge understanding of community health with critical equity issues. in health and justice. It prepares students for careers in a variety of fields including healthcare, biotechnology, public health, and food and environmental health. Particularly in the region, careers related to the health and biotechnology sectors are on the rise. These jobs are at the intersection of science, technology and law. Haub Law is uniquely suited to provide graduates with the skills they will need to compete in this new market.

Haub Law is currently accepting applications for his advanced certificates in in-person and online health law and policy for the fall semester 2022. For more information, please visit

Jessica bacher

Jessica A. Bacher is Assistant Professor in the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University, Director of the Health Law and Policy Program and Executive Director of the Land Use Law Center in Pace.


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