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Colonel Renee Howell, Senior Public Health Nursing Nurse for the European Regional Army at Public Health Command Europe in Landstuhl, Germany, received the Health System Military Nursing Leadership Excellence Award member at the annual AMSUS awards banquet on February 7.
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LANDSTUHL, Germany – Col. Renee Howell, senior public health nurse for the European Regional Army at Public Health Command Europe in Landstuhl, Germany, received the Military Nursing Leadership Excellence Award from the system of military health at the annual AMSUS awards banquet on Feb. 7.

Praised for the major role she played in health care education and training which had a positive impact on the success of her unit, Howell was honored with great distinction as the recipient of this award. year.

Each year, Federal Health Professionals are recognized by AMSUS for significant accomplishments that have had a significant impact on their mission or organization. The Excellence in Military Nursing Leadership Award is an individual functional mission award that recognizes the major role an individual has played in demonstrating exemplary leadership skills, exceptional compassion and commitment resulting in outstanding clinical or administrative achievement and by contributing to improving the image and practice of nursing within the Military Health System.

“I am proud to have been selected for this year’s AMSUS award as the Army’s first public health nurse,” Howell said. “I would like to dedicate this award to personnel in the public health community who are on the front lines in the battle against COVID-19. Their tireless efforts are helping to turn the tide on the most defining public health challenge of our time. »

Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs Thomas McCaffery offered his congratulations to this year’s award winners.

“The MHS Awards are important because they recognize the men and women who carry out the MHS mission daily to ensure that we have a medically ready force and a medically ready force,” McCaffery said. “Their accomplishments are even more remarkable during this pandemic. I salute their dedication to duty, their professionalism and their innovative thinking during these unprecedented times. Their accomplishments enhance our ability to effectively deliver high-quality health care to our veterans, retirees and their families.”

Howell’s older sister, Sherry, served as an army nurse, and Howell followed in her footsteps and became a public health nurse. She has been a nurse for almost 22 years and at Public Health Command Europe since 2018.

“I love what I do,” Howell said. “I’ll probably be in public health nursing as a 100-year-old lady just going on.”

Howell has been a crucial asset in the fight against COVID-19 over the past few years.

She led the Public Health Emergency Managers Task Force which engaged with external and internal stakeholders in Europe on COVID-19 response mitigation policies and led the implementation of the COVID-19 surveillance system. COVID-19 patients which increased contact tracing capacity by 50% to respond to rapid follow-up. and reporting requirements for US European Command.

“Contact tracing has become a valuable method to reduce the risk of COVID-19. Thus, keeping our service members and our families safe,” Howell said.

Howell is passionate about volunteerism and has spent many hours volunteering with Boy and Girl Scout troops to educate about nursing and military careers in the U.S. military.


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