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Social Impact is supporting International Business Initiatives (IBI) to implement the USAID-funded Liberia Data, Evaluation, Learning, and Technical Assistance (DELTA) with the goal of providing an innovative degree of analytical services and advisors to USAID/Liberia’s Program and Project Development Office. (PPD) and Development Goals (DO) teams in support of mission project design, performance monitoring and evaluation, and operational learning and adaptation.

Objective of the project:

USAID/Liberia engaged DELTA to support the conduct of a national health system capacity assessment in all 15 counties of Liberia, including central units of the Ministry of Health and private health services. This assessment aims to measure the management, preparedness, response capacities and level of coordination and collaboration of Liberia’s health system with the private sector. This follow-up assessment to the 2019 CHT assessment is expanded in coverage and scope to include the concurrent assessment of the CHT, central ministry and private health services, which aims to comprehensively inform system issues and the resulting capacity-enhancing interventions. The purpose of this assessment is to:

  • Provide the Ministry of Health and all stakeholders with objective information on whether the health system has the core competencies and management capacities (systems) necessary for appropriate and transparent management of funds and services public sector health services and understanding the capacities of private health services.
  • To determine the extent to which the functions of these systems are fully operational as they relate directly to the ability of the Ministry of Health (MoH) to deliver effective health services, improve quality of care and harmonize data through transparent public health management practices.
  • Document challenges and lessons learned on the implementation of county-implemented capacity building action plans
  • Support Government of Liberia (GoL) deconcentration/decentralization efforts in the health sector, including monitoring the performance of CHTs in a standardized manner across all 15 counties of Liberia, identifying capacity building needs of individual CHTs and from the central Ministry of Health, and providing publicly accessible and transparent services. health system data on the use of GoL/donor funding for Liberia’s health system.

DELTA will provide logistical support to a four-member team in each of Liberia’s fifteen counties. Each of the teams will spend an average of seven (7) to 15 days in a county. In addition to the assessors, the assessment team will include a team leader and other specialist support team members to help with the specific details of the assessment.

The estimated start date will be August 15, 2022 to January 31, 2023. The estimated LOE for the Team Leader will be 55 days.

Applicants are assessed on an ongoing basis; early submission is recommended

Job Description :

The team leader will be responsible for leading the coordination and management of the evaluation. Under the technical direction of the Deputy Chief of Party DELTA (DCOP), the Team Leader will work alongside a designated focal point from the Ministry of Health. While DELTA provides coordination, logistical leadership and technical support, the team leader will work with the Ministry of Health. the technical lead and core team composed of representatives of the Ministry of Health and its partner institutions, providing technical guidance throughout the design, implementation, analysis and report writing of the evaluation. In addition, the team leader will consult and facilitate feedback from all evaluation team members throughout the duration of the evaluation.


  • Lead and oversee the development of a detailed field work plan (including assessment tools, itinerary, tentative list of health facilities to be visited, logistical preparations, field focal points team assessment and site visit protocol) and ensure that all team members provide technical expertise and inputs.
  • Perform the desk review to inform tool design and lead the design and refinement of all assessment tools, and provide technical leadership and coordination oversight, working with assessment component leads of the Ministry of Health for the timely achievement of milestones related to the design of the tool.
  • Oversee the planning and implementation of capacity development activities such as the development of training modules, materials and guidelines; training of assessors and supervisors and should coordinate with the designated MoH technical lead to achieve capacity development milestones in a timely manner.
  • In consultation with the Ministry of Health, oversee the planning and implementation of activities related to the automation of assessment tools and mock tests,
  • Coordinate with the Ministry of Health to identify or review local consultants to facilitate technical work sessions for timely automation of tools and mock tests and oversee the automation process to ensure compliance with predefined standards.
  • Coordinate the planning and oversee the implementation of the evaluation at the central level. This includes ensuring that logistical arrangements are made in a timely manner in accordance with needs informed by a detailed implementation plan and coordinating the scheduling and planning of the interview session with key informants. The team leader will consult and facilitate input from all team members throughout the assessment at the central level.
  • Coordinate and lead data analysis and report writing efforts and provide technical advice and guidance for the development and production of an enviable quality report according to plans. Produce an overall report containing both qualitative and quantitative findings and recommendations as well as county-specific reports and a synergy activity implementation report. The team leader should develop and share a concept articulating a collaborative plan and a technical approach to the report writing process.
  • Lead the preparation and presentation of the in-brief and out-brief to the Ministry of Health, USAID/Liberia, and other stakeholders as requested.
  • Review and provide input on the fifteen county health assessment reports and the private health care assessment report.
  • Develop draft and final consolidated assessment report with support from team members
  • Lead the planning and facilitation of learning events to share lessons learned and recommendations from evaluation implementation.
  • Work collaboratively with team members throughout design, implementation, analysis and report writing to complement each other’s areas of expertise.

Expected deliverables:

  1. Produce comprehensive progress reports, guidelines and standard operating procedures for assessment, training modules, detailed field work plan, team organization, tentative list of health facilities to be visit and the site visit protocol.
  2. Consolidated activity report reflecting evaluation experiences in the field, including lessons learned, challenges and recommendations.
  3. Comprehensive data analysis plan and coding workshop involving subject matter experts from MoH and collaborating partner institutions.
  4. Draft and final versions of consolidated capacities from the central level of the Ministry of Health to the national level, CHTs and private health services for each county.
  5. USAID Pre and Post Briefing Reports, Summaries of Brief and Brief Presentations, Weekly Work Plan Updates


  • Minimum of ten years of experience in the design, implementation, management and/or evaluation of national and subnational health systems.
  • A master’s degree in health, political science, research or a related field.
  • Solid experience in development/humanitarian assistance programs related to the health sector or in conducting analytical work related to health governance.
  • Must have significant experience in conducting evaluations with mixed methods data.
  • Previous experience in conducting a health sector assessment in the West Africa region.
  • Experience in designing and implementing a capacity building program for the health sector.
  • Experience preparing compelling, well-written technical reports and delivering verbal presentations, explaining issues clearly and concisely.
  • Solid experience in facilitating and leading collaborative and participatory research with government entities and with multiple stakeholders.

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