Understanding career paths in occupational health (webinar)


OHW+ Premium Webinar, Thursday 26 May 2022, 11:00 BST

Since the onset of Covid-19, employers have become increasingly aware of the need and value of occupational health support and expertise.

Not only is good health and well-being at work of paramount importance to the company, but helping employees stay mentally and physically healthy is key to improving staff retention and performance.

The occupational health workforce is essential to the health of working-age people, organizations and the economy, and there is currently a huge demand for practitioners at all levels.

But how do you, as a potential or current occupational physician, choose the right career path for you? And how can employers or HR professionals select and develop the right practitioner for their organization?

This webinar, presented by Janet O’Neill of iOH and PAM Group and chaired by Professor Anne Harriss, will cover:

  • career paths available to occupational health professionals, both from a clinical and employer perspective
  • how healthcare professionals from other specialties can enter the world of OH
  • the basic background, transferable skills, development and educational needs of occupational health professionals
  • opportunities for occupational health practitioners and HR professionals and the employers who hire them
  • what employers and HR professionals should consider when hiring and/or training occupational health practitioners.

Those attending the live webinar will have the opportunity to ask questions following Janet’s presentation.

This webinar, which will take place at 11:00 BST on May 26, 2022, is exclusively available to OHW+ Premium members. Premium members will be invited to register in due course. Subscribe or upgrade your account now.

About our speakers

Janet O’Neill is Director of Professional Development at iOH, the Association of Occupational Health and Wellness Professionals. She has worked in the private occupational health sector for the past 17 years, supporting clients in various industries. She is currently the Clinical Nurse Director for PAM Group, a provider of occupational health and wellness services. Janet trained as a general nurse in South Africa and moved to OH as a factory nurse.

Professor Anne Harriss is Emeritus Professor of Occupational Health. A former course director at London South Bank University, she led the development of over ten educational programs at diploma, bachelor’s and master’s level. Anne is currently Past President of the Society of Occupational Medicine.


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