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Looking at the past two years on the lunar calendar, the Year of the Ox has seen many of the same struggles that plagued the Year of the Rat. The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect our lives and economic conditions remain uncertain.

Yet, the upcoming Year of the Tiger is seen as one of many changes, and with these changes come opportunities. Each sign will have the chance to improve their fortunes in love, business, career, and other areas of personal growth.

We spoke to John Choi Wai-hung, who studied geomancy and metaphysics for 12 years, and fortune teller Tasha Tse Lau-yu about the year ahead.

Choi: The tiger might be going through a tough time, as it is one of the four (Tai Shui practitioner ) sign this year which will be at odds with Tai Sui, the guardian deity of the year. Still, there will be opportunities – students will benefit from better learning and analytical skills, while workers will have a better chance of getting a promotion. Just be very careful when signing documents or contracts and have regular health checkups to avoid adverse events.

Tse: Unfortunately, this year the Tigers will be unlucky in their relationships. It won’t be easy for single tigers to find a suitable mate. They must be patient. But they will have a chance to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings with family members. They will also have many opportunities to meet foreign friends who can bring them new ideas and a new understanding of life.

Choi: Rabbits can look forward to a rather lucky year. Several lucky stars mean that there will be opportunities in business – you can receive support from your boss, earn a little more in international trade, or be struck with inspiration that will help you improve your performance. Take advantage of the opportunities this year, because next year – the year of the rabbit – you will be Tai Shui practitioner and your luck will take a hit.

Tse: It’s a good year for rabbits. They are likely to reunite with their lovers this year. Parties and dating apps could bring them more opportunities in romance. But rabbits who already have lovers should be careful of this “luck” which could become a burden.

This year, the rabbits will receive both money and emotional support from older parents. With their help, they may have a chance to start their own business or fulfill their dreams. However, they must be careful to make friends because some of these new alliances could lead to financial losses.


Choi: Those born in the year of the dragon can expect a difficult 12 months. With no auspicious stars to help them, dragons should act cautiously in their careers, business, and health until the new year. Purchasing insurance is recommended, and dragons should be mindful of social relationships, their health, and that of their loved ones.

Tse: This year, the relationships between the dragons will be clear. Further education might bring them some luck, but patience is important. Negative energy abounds and dragons need to complain less, so they might have more opportunities for romance. The good news is that they will have the chance to find old friends or colleagues who could offer them more work opportunities.


Choi: Similar to the tiger, snakes will face bad luck as they are also Tai Shui practitioner . Be prepared to hear about it in the office and in your business dealings. Some lucky stars, however, mean they will receive support from elders and noble ladies – be sure to take advantage of this support.

Tse: Male snakes will have many opportunities to meet exceptional women in their work this year. They will also have the opportunity to get in touch with their ex, but those who are already in a new relationship should be careful about this. Snakes can have many conflicts with family members. They must learn to control their temper.


Choi: Horses can expect a pretty good year in 2022. Multiple auspicious stars mean there will be opportunities for career advancement: better grades in school and better management and financial skills for horses. business owners.

They will also have the chance to better cultivate interpersonal relationships and see many opportunities for social entertainment. If they own a business, horses should be sure to communicate directly with their customers.

Tse: Horses are unlucky in relationships this year. They should focus more on their business and future projects where they might have some success. This year they could receive a lot jiu-rou (good weather) friends who can (surprisingly) provide a bit of help in their careers.


Choi: The sheep’s luck should improve after a tough Year of the Ox. They may experience initial turbulence if they decide to make big changes, but if they persevere, they will see opportunities for career advancement. They will also see opportunities to build good interpersonal relationships and attend many social events. Although they have more stable fortunes this year, they should avoid taking risks with their finances.

Tse: Sheep should prepare for a year of romance. Single sheep are likely to get a date. This is a good time for married sheep to start a family, have another child, or move into a new property. Friends will offer them a lot of help. Those who want to get a new job could seek advice or get help from their friends.


Choi: The monkeys will have a difficult year in 2022 because of Tai Shui practitioner and should anticipate a lot of twists and turns. Overall, their best bet is to play things conservative – although there may be opportunities if they have a local business to expand and win customers from other districts.

If they wish to improve their luck, they can pray at Lily Temple in Tin Hau or Wong Tai Sin in Kowloon, or wear a rooster or bird pendant. They could also place a fountain with moving water or a colored lamp in the northeast part of their house to increase their fortune.

Tse: Monkeys won’t have much luck in their relationships this year. There will be a lot of misunderstandings, which could lead to breakups. Single monkeys can meet new dates, but they won’t last long. Monkeys also won’t have many opportunities to meet new friends. Relations with your family will be peaceful this year.


Choi: This is shaping up to be a great year for the Rooster, as two of the luckiest stars will shine on them. The rooster will have everything. They will have the chance to be promoted at work and social relations will improve.

Their lucky star will also provide them with plenty of good food and good wine. They should feel free to explore and take advantage of business opportunities, but before their luck runs out at Christmas.

Tse: Single Roosters may find it difficult to find a suitable mate as they are picky eaters. For those who already have one, communication is important, otherwise arguments and even divorces could occur. But this year, the roosters are likely to meet their mistletoe – helpful people – who will bring many opportunities to their careers.


Choi: The dogs will emerge from a difficult Year of the Ox, during which they were Tai Shui practitioner . That said, their luck will still be average in 2022. Their talents will flourish at work, especially in creative fields, and they will be helped by a boost in interpersonal relationships. They may be affected by illness or family health issues – and should lean on their friends for help.

Tse: The relationships between the dogs will be clear this year. Lack of communication can lead to problems, but there will be no breakdown. Dogs should show that they care about their loved ones and lovers. It’s not a good year for dogs to start a business with friends. They must avoid this.


Choi: The pig is the last sign that is Tai Shui practitioner , although the impact will not be as severe as with the other three. Some lucky stars will also provide pigs with many opportunities in their careers, including pay raises and promotions.

If they choose to follow a different career path, people will recognize them and their talent. If they own a business, there will be more chance of collaboration – although they should be wary of unknown partnerships, as it is also possible that their competitors will try to steal their opportunities.

Tse: Those born in the Year of the Pig will have many quarrels with their lovers; breakups are on the horizon. This year, the pigs might meet new friends, but they have to think twice before accepting the business opportunities they offer. Married pigs might have lan tao hua (bad luck in romance).


Choi: A year of average luck for the rat. They will see opportunities in the second half of the year in their career or other projects. They will be lucky to become a star student, gain recognition for special talents, start a new job or even a new business in the latter part of the year.

They should be wary of any extreme activity, as some unlucky stars indicate the possibility of injury, and keep an eye on their family’s health.

Tse: This year, Rats will be unlucky in relationships. Single Rats might still need to wait for romance. Those who are already in love will be touched by diao ke star (which can arouse negative emotions) and be easily annoyed by their lovers. Meanwhile, Rats might find it difficult to make friends due to their busy schedules.


Choi: The ox can look forward to a good year thanks to a few lucky stars in its corner. People will be more open to welcoming the oxen, giving them the opportunity to build relationships. They need to be wary of obstacles, especially if they decide to make changes this year, like starting a new job.

You will encounter a few hiccups, but persevere and they will improve by the end of the year. Those with businesses will also have a good year thanks to the work of their team, and they should intend to build good relationships with their customers.

Tse: It’s a perfect year for a single Ox. Of the 12 animal zodiac signs, the Ox has the best tao huayun (luck of romance) among twelve animals. They will see a boost in relationships of friends and romance.

Those who are in love will have the option of getting married or having a child this year. Oxen will also be lucky to make friends this year. They will meet their new mistletoe and get help from them. Good things will also happen in their family relationships.

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.


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